Saturday, September 5, 2009

Food Sheets, End 9/4/09

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Ok, this is only a 3 day sample of what I'm eating, and I think it is somewhat exceptional. But then again, I wonder. It seems that for the past three days, I have eaten really healthy about half of the time, and really off-the-charts for the other. Is that a trend that I've failed to pick up because I've not kept a food journal, or is it because the past three days are just aberrant between my father's 10th anniversary of his death, and doctor's appointments, and other meetings? I don't know.

That's exactly the point. I don't know. Because some of the food that I am choosing truly is healthy, it would be easy to fool myself into thinking that the majority of my choices are good. I suppose that remains to be seen.

The point being is that I have no guilt about what I've done in the past three days. Just curiosity, and that curiosity is a good thing. Hopefully it will carry me through over the next week in recording what I am eating again.

So has my reticence to keep food sheets over the past year been about laziness, or avoidance behavior? I guess if I successfully and consistently journal again, learn what I am doing and what is triggering not only the bad choices but the good, and change things up to encourage good choices, then the answer to that question is irrelevant.

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