Friday, September 25, 2009

This Week in Review: 9/24/09

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This was an interesting week. I had two goals:

1.) To continuously keep food sheets.
2.) To not eat out much.

I kept both goals, although there was one day that shed some light on what i am doing.

I am still inherently untrustworthy. On Wednesday, I decided to go down with Eric to watch Richard and Cast film Sweating to the Oldies 5. We ended up being there over the lunch hour and Richard graciously invited us to eat with the cast. We weren't going to accept, but by the time I got done with other business, I knew that there wouldn't be time to eat before a doctor's appointment if I didn't eat there, so that was an extra 'eating out." Even then, it would not have been a problem except for the following issues:

1.) I decided on the way out to grab two brownies (I think they were some kind of brownie) off of the craft services table and yes, I ate them both almost immediately.
2.) Eric has been keeping food sheets for about 10 days now (on his own volition; I am not the food police), and following his own program. My action spurred him into taking two cookies. Domino theory in action.
3.) I did not keep food sheets that day... I truly forgot, and then put them together late into the evening.

But was forgetting just a slip, or was it a subconscious way of avoiding the subject? I don't know for sure, but I suspect it may have been the later.

The bottom line is that i need to watch myself like a hawk and be absolutely sure that, on days that I go astray, I am still keeping food sheets and recording what I eat promptly. Additionally, I need not to stray when Eric is around. I'm thrilled that he is coming over to the lighter side all on his own - I wonder if my struggle to get back on program made him realize that it wasn't a cake-walk for me either and that's when he started to try - and I don't want to sabotage his program.

My goals for this week:

1.) Keep Food Sheets.
2.) Be mindful when I go astray to record what I eat immediately.
3.) Still be careful about when and where I eat out.
4.) Try to increase exercise just slightly. I am not feeling very well, my Crohns is starting to flare badly again and I am tired all the time. This in addition to the mystery condition that is forcing me to take the Adderal. Two doctors have declared me depressed. Three feel that it is an unidentified physical issue. I know how this goes. The doctors always declare you depressed, a hypochondriac, or crazy just before they realize that you've developed yet another autoimmune disease. I'm pretty sure I have another, although what I'm not quite sure But the bottom line is that I don't want to tire myself out by overdoing it. If that means the weight loss is slower, so be it.

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