Friday, October 16, 2009

Food Sheets, End 10/17/09

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No question that it was a better week as far as food choices go. Cosmos is gone, and with his departure, the grief and mourning continue, but the stress of imminent death which I could not avoid has abated. Also, all the food that I was keeping in an effort to get him to eat is gone. I have not replaced it.

Additionally, because my Crohns Disease is flaring and I am obstructed, I am losing some of the food that I am taking in. This is not good news. I hurt my back during one of my throw-up sessions, making exercise impossible. Additionally, I can feel myself starting to get dehydrated. During these times, experience tells me that no amount of drinking water is going to make up for the fluids I am losing. I have a feeling that I will be getting IV fluids next week for the first time in a while.

I am walking dogs, though, so it's not a period of time with no exercise. It's just way more moderate than it should be.

I did lose weight again... back down from 167 all the way to 163.5, so there's that. I'm officially 1/2 pound over 10 pounds from the QVC pic; my goal for the infomercial shoot next week. I'd like to keep it there or maybe go down by another pound or so. But my body is going to dictate what's happening right now. I will need to be patient and see how the week progresses.

I was not completely faithful in keeping my food records again, but they were easier than ever to recreate because there was little junk food eating. I highlighted in yellow - as always, - what I really should have avoided. Blue Highlight means that I might have been able to do a little better, but I was in a situation where I chose to eat what I did as the best option available,so I'm not stressing about it.

I am not going to put down goals here other than to keep food records. A lot depends on my body; my body doesn't know what it's going to do right now. But I promise not to bring the high-fat foods back into my home again.

Eric is now down over 20 pounds. His mini goal is to lose another 14 pounds by his birthday, Dec 4, two days before mine. I only worry that he is being too hard on his program and will give up because it's not do-able, but when I look at his food journals (he sometimes offers them up), while they're stringent, they're not unreasonable. So it's not unreasonable that he makes his goal. Having him so focused makes me feel odd. It's not exactly a competition, but I'm used to being better than him in this department. I'm still struggling to pick my good habits back up. On the other hand, with him so focused, he's not tempting me by offering to take me out for meals so often, and also, the meals that we are having outside of the home are much healthier and lower calorie. That feels VERY good.

What I really look forward to is the day that he wants to join me on a dog walk or other form of exercise.

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