Friday, October 23, 2009

Food Sheets, Week End, 10/23/09

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Well, I made it. I am now only 10 pounds over my QVC pic weight. That's good because I had set a small goal for myself to be within 10 pounds by Sunday when I will be participating in a filming for Richard once again. At one point he and I were discussing this small disparity via e-mail; he counseled me not to be concerned and I am not. All that is necessary to do is look at my "before" picture and know that I am three years post goal to know that I am successful by any definition of the term. If I need outside validation, count the number of men who hit on me last night while I was walking the dogs at the park.

What I have done in terms of weight loss; and also in terms of ordering and changing my entire life is basically unheard of. Very little of the old me exists; I do have to be ever-vigilant not to let her back into my life because she tries, but as long as I value integrity, honesty, and ethics above everything else and know how those three things change everything, there's not going to be a problem.

All that being said, I am having a much easier time maintaining my food sheets now, even with the blips (highlighted in yellow). I do need to work on keeping healthier options prepared and ready in my home and those will also go away, but the bigger issue was just recording my food. I think I'm mostly past that issue now.

Some of it has to do with Eric. He is remaining diligent and faithful in maintaining his own records. He is still losing weight. And this weekend, he's away at his man-retreat, probably losing even more weight. He is inspirational to me.

Also, the fact that he is finally on board about not needing to go to really high-calorie restaurants helps. As soon as I'm led to water, I absolutely drink.

So filming on Sunday, food sheets now becoming easier, I know the next task. But there is a problem. I am slowly but surely getting very sick. I have not been to Slimmons in a week, and I intend not to go tomorrow (Saturday). I want to maintain what strength I have for Sunday so that I do well when the cameras are on.

Nobody is sure quite what the root issue is with me. Is it the Crohns which is acting up badly? Is it the fibro? I am also having a heck of a time breathing, and my lung capacity is getting less and less. I tried to get in to see my Pulminologist today on an urgent basis; his front office couldn't fit me in. I have an appointment on Tuesday but have a feeling I may not make it that long before a trip to the ER is required. Is this the my Restrictive Lung Disease, Asthma, or maybe a virus? I spoke to my Internist a couple of days ago and we both agree that it does not sound like Swine Flu.

Also, though, I had my Flu Shot last weekend. Suspiciously close to this breathing issue beginning. I don't believe that the injection gave me the flu, but could there be something in this year's serum that I'm allergic to? Or could I have caught something else that's rare and going to be difficult to diagnose? I don't know.

The fatigue that goes with not feeling well is making it difficult to shop. Add Lucy's continual need for movement and I don't have enough time to rest. (Lucy, Sunny & I walked two miles this evening and she wasn't even the least bit affected and it's amazing how quickly Sunny has re-acclimated to walking and is gaining in strength and endurance daily... there's a lesson in there for me somewhere.) Again, unless something has changed significantly by the morning, I will not go to Exercise Class. It just doesn't make sense when I have an important commitment on Sunday.

My goal this week is to get to Valley Produce and bring in a whole slew of vegetables, and prepare them in advance. I'd really like to see what happens to my eating if I have healthy options immediately available to me so that I don't end up going for cereal or pancakes or whatever is really fast and convenient. Also, it will be interesting to see what happens to my Crohns Disease if I base my diet on veggies. If it becomes horribly explosive over the next week, I know for sure that this is flare based. If it doesn't, it doesn't mean that it's not mostly a flare, but we need to be looking at other options too.

Other than bringing in fresh food, I'm not going to make any other goals right now. Just keep doing what I am doing and see where my health takes me.

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